Damn. I’ve always pondered the viability of starting yet another blog, about beer of all things. Truth is, I feel that blogs shouldn’t be written by people, they should write themselves. Content should be oozing from all directions and it should magically post itself.

In Orange County, there are quality Breweries, Brew Pubs, HomeBrew Clubs, and Gastropubs that are all top notch. There are festivals, brewery anniversary parties, beer release events, private tastings, or some dude in Anaheim that just got done mowing his lawn and cracked a brew. This blog will encompass all of that. Bevmo got egged? I’ll cover it. Two teenage kids were seen sprinting out of a CVS carrying four 30 packs of Coors Light? Maybe not. But I saw it happen once (doing jail time for Coors light seems cruel and unusual, considering they already drink crap beer!) Food trucks that pair menu items around a brewery’s offerings? You bet I’ll cover that. An Italian restaurant that has over 240 beers? Yep. A Liquor store that has Bootleggers Brewery Knuckle Sandwich? Sure, why not. I’ll also cover food pairings and recipes that include beer as an ingredient. Why the hell not. I may even post a picture of my wife’s face as she tastes the beers I review just for giggles. The higher the IBU, the bigger the stink-face. It’s awesome.

The intended audience is anyone who enjoys drinking good beer. From Uber Beer Geek aficionados to a casual person trying to pick apart the local Vons beer section. I cuss though, a lot. I’m really fucking sorry about that.

This blog will not contain the word “digress”. I hate that word. Especially in blogs. Also, please don’t egg Bevmo just to get coverage here. That’s just silly. Egg a bird just to be ironic.

Since content around these parts doesn’t auto-populate, I’m here to do it for you. So welcome, beer budday! I look forward to writing about my local niche of the craft beer world. I hope you enjoy reading it! Cheers!

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