Beach City Brewery | Grand Opening May 10!

IMG_5267When Beach City Brewery owner Glenn Closson first sent me email August last year, I was thrilled to hear Huntington Beach would soon be getting its first production brewery. He’s been to practically every event I’ve been since then, supporting the locals and networking at the same time. During GABF, he even stuck around New Belgium’s VIP tour just to hang out for a bit…in the RAIN…with his GIRLFRIEND. What I’m trying to say is he’s not just some brosy surfer type trying to get in the craftbeer game to make a killer paycheck. I get the sense good beer is in his lifeblood and starting a brewery would be the only scratch for his itch.


Grand opening draft board

IMG_5265Like a healthy pregnancy, nine months later, I’m pleased to say Glenn is the proud father of a bouncing baby brewery! Here’s a brief breakdown on what to expect from brewer Derek Testerman:

In order of faves from top to bottom: 

Sweet Crude Stout – A 5.6% ABV stout with tons of character and is super drinkable? So in on this guy. Silky froth caps off an aroma that switches gears between chocolate and coffee from sip to sip. There’s a subtle umami/sealike note that keeps me searching for more until whoops! The pint is gone. Plus, it’s 5.6%!! Obviously a testament to Derek’s time as a brewer on the east coast where session stouts are done proper.

PCH Pale Ale – 5.5% ABV – Drinks like a session IPA with an actual balanced malt backbone. Very smooth mouthfeel backed up with a scrumptious citrusy hopload. This guy is growler-worthy on day one.

IMG_5253Beach Cruiser Berliner Weisse – Pale as ginger ale, this is a nice tart version of a Berliner served with a full line up of syrup options. Ask for the peach to get the closest thing to a sour peach gummi worm, or go traditional with the green woodruff syrup.

Overcast Summer Wheat 4.5% – Summer What? For my low ABV loving, hop hating friends…this it the beer you want to take a growler of to a summer pool party. A little bit of dry hop in this traditional American Wheat (or Freedom Wheat as I call them) keeps it interesting.

IMG_5252Hang Five IPA 7% – More of an east coast offering with some apricot/stonefruit on the nose, sweet/bready malts and a zingy bitter finish. I expect this recipe to be reworked for version 2.0 coming soon.

Rye’T Black IPA – Sampled out of the fermenter…not finished enough for me to really be swayed. Can’t wait to try at the Grand Opening. What Grand Opening? Oh yeah, brah! The one on Saturday May 10 from Noon to 10!

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Beach City Brewery

7631 Woodwind Dr
Huntington Beach, CA 92647