Prohibition almost killed the Anaheim Brewery…almost

This weekend marks the official Grand Re-opening of Anaheim Brewery after taking a nice 90 year dirt nap courtesy of prohibition! Way to go, America! Owners and Brewers Greg and Barbara Gerovak marched down to the Anaheim Cemetery and performed a seance over the grave of Friedrich Conrad to conjure up his original beer recipes. By their surprise, his zombie corpse rose from the grave and converted the old Packard building into a modern day working brewery! Zombie labor is cheap these days, and also keeps the local city hall population in check. Okay okay…none of that happened. Zombies like brains, and luckily there are cabeza tacos nearby.

Anaheim Gold Taster with Wooden Refill Tokens

I am actually very giddy about Anaheim Brewery opening up for a number of reasons:

  • I like beer…but you knew that.
  • I live in a historic house in Anaheim within stumbling distance to the brewery.
  • I have German in my blood that pumps like wurst through casing, which actually sounds gross.
  • On their opening day, I was like the second guy that walked in at 12:01PM on Fathers day. The first guy was related to them I think, which doesn’t count.
  • Other historic homeowners in the area are a tight-knit bunch that regularly get together for potlucks. The Anaheim Brewery Tasting room is an extension of that. I love seeing people I know at a bar! I’ve even talked to total strangers there…imagine that! Reminded me of my trip to Ireland last year where everyone is chatty and in a good mood drinking beer.

Beer serving tray from the original Anaheim Brewery.

Here’s the Beer lineup:

  • Anaheim 1888 – a traditional California Common (aka Steam Beer…thanks Anchor for trademarking the term Steam Beer, buttholes. Instead of California Common it should have been California Stream beer, just to fuck with Anchor)
  • Anaheim Red – Beautiful ruby red in this grainy malty brew. This is my favorite of the bunch.
  • Anaheim Gold – I just had a small taster of this. Very similar in body as the Red, but it’s gold!
  • Anaheim Hefeweizen – Very traditional Bavarian unfiltered wheat with banana hints.
  • Chocolate Stout – In honor of the Muzeo’s Chocolate show down the street. Who knew beer makes great cross-promotion! Can’t wait to try this one.
  • Tavern Ale – A hoppy option only available in the tasting room.

Anaheim 1888 and Red.

Overall their beers are hearty, refreshing, and unique. Their recipes easily transport me to my historic German neighborly roots a century ago. After a hard day of working in the Orange packing plant, I’d hit the tobacco store then hoof it to the Anaheim Brewery for a few pints. I’d probably get in a fight because I smelled like oranges. Screw those guys, at least I didn’t get scurvy! Assholes probably wore aviator glasses and smelled like brill cream and clams. Screw this, I’m going to chat with my woman up north on the telegraph!

Anaheim Brewery doesn’t mimic the popular Socal “OMG HOPGASM” culture that is happening right now, which is sort of a breath of fresh air. I’m sure they won’t have issues fighting huge breweries for hops like other local breweries do. I like the diversity… let’s leave it at that. I loves me some hops though, don’t get me wrong. I’m eager to try their Tavern Ale.

Owners and Brewers Barbara and Greg Gerovak are also local neighbors that walk to work every day. Damn. I’m green with envy. They’re green with the environment! I know running a business and a brewery is very hard work, but damn that’s tight. It took me an hour and a half to drive to Irvine from Anaheim this morning and almost died twice.

The Grand Opening is Saturday, July 16 from 12-6. Umami Burger which plans on inhabiting the front part of the brewery will be on tap to cook up some burgers. I hear there’s also a taco dude and entertainment. Blues artist Brother Yusef will be sliding his fingers up and down the neck of a guitar. Parking is going to be an issue I’m sure. Follow signs, and see you there!

33.83270, -117.91245 hipster directions

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