There was a torrent of fermented goodness, as well as ten dollar Umami Burger, one dollar Lindo Michoacan tacos, moderately priced Punjabi Tandoori Indian food and some five dollar cookie iced cream sandwiches. I noted the 1888 (California Common) mellowed considerably since the initial first opening. The service was incredible for such a packed tasting room. Servers actually recognized me…a sign of a great beer joint. Nicely done. I got a sip and whiff of the new Tavern Ale served from the cask. It had a nice hop aroma, but wasn’t conditioned long enough rendering it as flat as Keira Knightley getting ran over by a steam roller during Carmageddon.

If you watched the video, I’m not sure if Greg from Anaheim Brewery is referencing my earlier blog post about zombies. I got a kick out of it nonetheless.

Anaheim Councilmember Gail Eastman on the rampage for some Brains. I sent her to the taco truck.

As the Mayor said, it’s a good day to open a new business into Anaheim, it’s a great day to open a brewery! Brains!!

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