Don’t Miss This Bucket List Bourbon Dinner

Sipping some small batch at the source. Photo by Greg Nagel

After all these years, there’s one bourbon that has yet to be checked off of my whiskey bucket list. It’s cask strength, uncut at 140ish proof, and is blended from all of master distiller Donnis Todd’s best “honey barrels.” When it’s released, people fly into Central Texas and wait overnight in a long line of cars on a rural road just to snag a bottle.

That sought-after whiskey is Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon, and all you have to do to get a taste is to buy a ticket and head up the elevator to the Basque country-inspired rooftop restaurant The Top of the V, where it’s on the menu for a course at their bourbon dinner this June.

The single Cowboy Bourbon course at the dinner alone is worthy of a ticket, with executive chef Nathaniel McCoy sending your taste buds on a culinary cowboy standoff between food and spirit. McCoy chose a flavor-packed Iberico skirt steak punctuated with sweet and intense Pedro Ximenez sherry glaze, and winter figs to go up against the Cowboy.

Five courses in total include pours of Garrison Brothers Small Batch, a custom VIV Hotel Single Barrel pick, Balmorhea (twice barreled at 115 proof), Cowboy Bourbon, and a Honeydew espresso martini paired with orange flan drizzled in caramel.

The Top of the V celebrates Spanish Basque country cuisine with newly appointed executive chef Nate McCoy after having worked in the restaurant under chef Edgar Beas over the last three years. In the past, chef Nate has worked alongside Top Chef winners Michael Voltaggio of Ink and Mei Lin, owner of Daybird, as well as Michelin-star chefs Tony Esault, owner of nearby Knife Pleat, and Jacob Kear, owner of LURRA in Kyoto, Japan.

Tickets are available at Eventbrite. Top of the V is located at 1601 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim.