2014 Russian River Pliny the Younger Releases (OC)


Russian River Brewing’s Pliny the Younger release dates in Orange County! Read my review of last years release! Cheers!!


Orange County

From Russian River Brewing’s Website:


We will begin distributing Pliny the Younger on draft the week of February 10th in and around Sonoma County and the Bay Area. Stone will likely pick up their shipment for Southern California that week or the following week. We will be sending kegs to our distributors in San Jose, Sacramento, Oregon, Colorado, and Philadelphia sometime in February, ship dates TBD. At this time, we do not know what accounts will receive kegs of Younger, but it will likely be available at many of the same accounts who received it last year since the production numbers are very similar. It is our recommendation that our accounts tap it as soon as possible after receiving their delivery to preserve the freshness and integrity of the beer. This beer is not meant to age AT ALL! Pliny the Younger is very much like the fresh catch of the day and best enjoyed right away!

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el serracho (@elserracho)

so good and yet, something i may never have again because i don’t like the hassle of getting it.

el serracho (@elserracho)
Reply to  gregory

i have had it. many moons ago.

one of these days i’ll get it again.

meanwhile, have you folks here at Simtra from Knee Deep?

that is some luscious hoppy triple IPA goodness.

Royalty from Noble ain’t half bad either.

11 years ago

I will be there to try Younger this coming weekend. I figured it would be fitting for me to try this brew in Santa Rosa if it was going to be my first time. I’m sure it’s going to be a mess and a hassle & a half, but I’m willing to tough it out… this time.