DCA gets more IBU

I took my lovely four year old girl to Disneyland and California Adventure last Friday and discovered a new niche (rhymes with itch, not feesh) in the OC beer world. It’s nothing spectacular, but the addition of Bayside Brews will be making my trips to the land of a million dreams™ more bearable.

Bayside Brews, with 20% more IBU's

Here’s a handy beer guide to Disneyland California Adventure:

  1. Karl Strauss Beer Truck – Has Woodie Gold, Hef, Tower IPA, a Seasonal usually. The Lucky Fortune Cookery has Sapporo on Draft if you don’t care for a Karl.
  2.  Ariel’s Grotto – The usual inBev beers plus Guinness.
  3. Bayside Brews – Listed above with some Sierra Nevada action.
  4. Wine, for the non-beer drinkers in your crew. The Italian restaurant has a few inBev options (reservations recommended).
  5. Under #3 where the tree logo is: Disneyland Grand Californian Hotel. Has a nice bar you can chill at on a hot day. On a cool night you can take your brews to the huge rock fireplace and kick your yelpin’ dogs up with a tasty beer.
If you’re stuck in Disneyland, the only option is Club 33 in New Orleans Square, but you have to be an invited guest of someone that has an account there. Chances are though, Club 33 members could give a shit about craft beer. “Buffy! Fetch me a Bud Light please!”
If you do make it out for a trip to Disneyland, make sure and wear your green jogging trunks!

Captain Europe and daughter in line for Ariel's new ride.

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12 years ago

Why is this not in Disneyland itself? I need alcohol to numb the pain from the ticket prices.

12 years ago

$6.50 for a Pacifico. I’m not sure which is more embarassing–someone charging $6.50 for a Pacifico or someone paying $6.50 for a Pacifico. Or even drinking one for that matter.

12 years ago

Do I need to take out a loan for a draft, or will Captain Europe buy me one?