APRIL FOOLS: Disneyland to Open Brewery in California Adventure


Originally posted satire on April 1st.

Disneyland California Adventure has featured local craft beer for some time. When news broke this morning about the new brewhouse, I strapped on my mouse ears and screamed the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme! M I C…K E Y, WHY? Because you love Craft beer!

The brewhouse is scheduled to be complete by April 2014 in time for the Beer-Wine-Food Festival. The brewhouse will sit next to the new Ghirardelli in the Pacific Wharf area.

Disney PR listed some potential beers that will be available:

  • Bippity Boppity Brown
  • Snow Wit
  • Jane Porter
  • To Infinity and Beyond Pale Ale
  • Peoplemover Pils
  • The Abominable Hefeweizen
  • Jack’s Big Pumpkin Beer
  • Geppetto’s Barrel Aged Barley Wine
  • Merida’s Irish Red
  • Pooh’s Honey Blonde
  • John Smith’s ESB
  • Dumbo DIPA
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11 years ago

What? No goofy juice? Big mistake!

11 years ago

To encourage responsible consumption, they will do growler fills, but they will be mickey-sized.

11 years ago

Is there a California glass maker out there looking for work… Mickey Mouse growler would be awesome…