Large Corporate Coffee Giant in OC Getting Beer (and Wine)

When I first heard a huge coffee conglomerate is venturing into beer and wine sales, I thought, “naturally”, then proceeded to laugh hysterically until I broke out into a coughing fit so bad it made me sweat. Expanding into test markets seems like a synergized, thinking outside the box type thing to do. Will it make me go? Nah. Why not? Honestly, I really don’t care. There’s so many better places I could go and have a beer. Obviously, I’m not in their target market, demographic, or whatever marketing lingo they go by.

If they actually brewed their own beer with coffee, I’d be more inclined to check it out. A nice coffee mild ale, espresso stout, or a vanilla chocolate porter all sound interesting, but that will never happen. So I leave it up to you, gentle reader, to check it out and report back.

Here’s the first two locations in Orange County that will sell beer:

  • 7101 Yorktown,  Huntington Beach (Seacliff Village)
  • 30465 Avenida de las Flores, Rancho Santa Margarita
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